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As well as manufacturing high quality commercial refrigeration the Arneg group also manufacture high quality shelving through Intrac. We import AMX35, the brand name for one of Intrac’s mainlines of shelving.


AMX 35

AMX35 is a heavy duty modular powder coated steel shelving system, ideal for shops and retail units of all shapes and sizes. We keep stock of cream, silver and black shelving components and as one of the UK’s leading importers we can supply, deliver and install a variety of shelving modules to fit the customer’s exact requirements.

AMX35 Brochure or AMX35 800 Bay Brochure


Dogma 25

This is an “intelligent” integrated shelving, designed and arranged to simplify and optimize shopfitting. DOGMA25 bi-slotted uprights join the performance and holding capacities of industrial shelving systems with the aesthetical and display features of IMZ25 commercial shelving structures. DOGMA25 is a new, successful way to combine industrial shelving with shop furnishings in the shopfitting world. The special shape of its end-pieces profile and its slim structure make DOGMA25 a very versatile product with high loading capacity. The display outcome is at the top of its category and can thus be used in different commercial contexts. DOGMA25 end-pieces have a ribbed and slotted profile with section 60x50. End-pieces and beams are cold shaped from structural, certified steel sheets.

Dogma 25 Brochure


IMZ 25

IMZ 25 is a range of mini cold rooms composed of 18 models and 2 heights with volumes from 2/12m2. The sanitary finish is obtained with ribbed moulding of the metal sheet of the floor, ceiling and corner panels. The essentiality of the components and direct fastening of the vertical and horizontal panels make assembly quick and simple. They are designed with rational access, optimization of internal space, shelving and monoblocs.

IMZ 25 Brochure


Linea Onda

A flexible line of static and motorised check out counters, available in a wide range of models suitable for every size of store. Solidity, great range of accessories, easiness at use combined with a severe and minimalist design make the check out counters ONDA the right answer for the most creative solutions of modern interior design.

Linea Onda Brochure



Clean design and perfect finish make MaxLux glass cases an essential complement to shopfitting. Now products can be fully seen, there are no barriers nor obstacles to visibility. MaxLux glass cases can be assembled onto any IMZ25 shelving structure, of which they use the exisiting back panel. Therefore, they are fully compatible with any accessories for back panels and bars and any types of shelves. MaxLux modules can be placed side-to-side or in unbroken series; they can be assembled on upper shelves, drawer chests or cases with sliding doors. Structural profiles are in the standard colour RAL7035, but they can also be painted in a wide range of colours to match the colour of the supporting structure. MaxLux glass components are made of tempered glass, in full compliance with the current safety rules. There are 2 lighting options: the conventional T5 neon light and the energy saving LED light. MaxLux is apt for any kind of product, from cameras to phones, watches and electromedical equipment.

Maxlux Brochure



We can also supply Caem and Tegometall shelving products in a range of finishes and colours to match the customer’s specifications

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