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Design & Planning


Site survey

Before the commencement of any work on site, one of our sales representatives will arrange to meet with the customer, with the objective of conducting a full appraisal of what the customer wants to achieve from the refit, whether they require new equipment, or that they wish the existing store space to be better utilised or if a completely redesigned store needs to be delivered.. Our sales team work closely with a number of leading convenience store symbol groups and, where applicable, we are sometimes required to advise our clients on which symbol group will best suit their requirements.

Once we have determined the customer’s detailed requirements, our store design executive will carry out a full inspection and take full measurements of the site.  The stores we reconfigure could be a new build, an already trading store or a conversion of a residential or other commercial property. Effective store planning requires us to assess the best possible layout and functionality for the store, taking into account any site restrictions and obstacles, ease of merchandising and ensuring the proposed work fits within the customer’s budget and, most importantly, delivers value for money


Computer Aided Design

Once we have the requisite information and site measurements our planners will use this to produce a comprehensive set of Computer Aided Design drawings. All our AutoCAD drawings will take into account the following
• Building issues, such as installation of steel supports where  existing walls  may need to be removed,
• Health & Safety and Disability Discrimination Act compliance, such as installation of access ramps where necessary
• Noise pollution, where local regulations govern the noise level of external and internal  refrigeration plant equipment
• Customer flow, to ensure customers can easily navigate through the store and key areas which need to achieve  high footfall
• Electrical and lighting layouts, a separate lighting plan will be drawn up to make sure the store is well lit and key areas are sufficiently illuminated without compromising on energy efficiency
• Merchandising, one of the most important aspects, this will ensure that  all produce on the sales floor is prominently displayed and easily accessible as well as taking into account ease of restocking



Once the plan has been drawn up it will be submitted to the customer for review. When the plan has been signed off by the client our office staff will draw up a quotation for the works discussed with the customer and this will be submitted to the customer for final approval or any amendments before the contract is drawn up and signed


Shop Fitting & Installation


Project Management

Our extensive experience has taught us that project managing a refit can be a logistical nightmare. Because of this we have a team of staff who can undertake the management of all the projects we undertake to ensure it meets our client’s requirements. We work closely with our customers, suppliers, delivery companies, electricians, refrigeration engineers and on-site fitting teams to ensure that the project is delivered on time, within the agreed budget and meets or exceeds customer expectations. We are also able to, and frequently do, assist our customers on issues outside of our remit because they know they can trust our assessment and value our input.



For us the actual installation of a project is one of the most important aspects of our delivery. Our team of installers are highly qualified and understand carpentry, refrigeration engineering, electrical safety, plumbing and shop fitting inside out. The installation team in conjunction with our electrician and refrigeration engineers always ensure that every store we fit out is completed to the highest standards we will accept.
Post installation support
Even with the high level of expertise, craftsmanship and the dedication and hard work that our fitting teams employ on every refit, some stores may require minor reconfigurations once they start trading. We have the experience to deal with these situations to advise the customer and ensure any disruptions are kept to a minimum, if the customer requires minor reconfigurations.



We can provide advice and assistance to clients who would prefer to raise funding for a shop refit via a finance company. We work very closely with a number of finance companies who are able to offer our clients leasing and funding options at very competitive rates. There are many benefits in financing a refit via this method; the most obvious advantage is that the customer’s cash flow is not exposed. In addition there may be tax advantages. At the end of the lease finance agreement all the equipment is owned by the client.



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